hello :) got the glads. thanks so much, its awesome :D
-Rhema, purchased Gladiator_brown, email on 16 Sep, 2008 7: 07 PM

I have received the package! Everything is gorgeous especially the dress+clincher, the gladiator sandals fit great too.

-Shinyi, purchased Simple*Sexy.Dress, Gladiator, Eye On Me.Sunnies, Celebrity Wannabe.Sunnies, email on 17 Sep, 2008 7: 22 AM

hey,thanks! i love the top :)
-Amira, purchased Buttons Up_Grey, email on 9 Sep, 2008 10: 41 PM

hey! wud like to inform that the sandals is finally here~! thanks a lot. its gorgeous!

-Rashida, purchased Gladiator_Brown & White, MSN message on 8 Sep, 2008 8: 43 PM

hey dear...got my sunny ady~ love it

-SiangLee, purchased Celebrity Wannabe Sunnies, MSN message on 5 Sep, 2008 7: 25 PM

I've received my parcel this morning. The top is lovely :) Kudos to
prompt service and good quality products from you guys. I look forward
to receiving more product updates :)
-Christine, purchased 5852_Summer In The City_Blue, email on 2008 7: 41 PM

Received the shoes. Good Efficiency :)
-SiewLi, purchased Gladiator_White, sms on 3 Sep 2008 11: 41 AM

I've received the parcel. The dress looks great. Thanks.

-Dena, purchased I'm Ready.Dress, email on 29 Aug, 2008 9: 52 AM

Thanks alot!! I recieved my "darlings" today!! yea!
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tq so much for the yellow dress.
i just received it by mnday.
omg, it's so nice.
tq again..
-Awinkk, purchased A15_Butterfly Top(Pre-Order Item), email on 6 Aug, 2008 3: 24PM

Thanks, received it already =) Fast!
-Samantha, purchased J121_White(Pre-Order Item), email on 4 Aug, 2008 10: 10PM

I just received the parcel, tq.
-Alina, purchased 5711_Full Legging & 5719_Checkered Legging, email on 4 Aug, 2008 5: 24PM

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"Hi, I've received the skirt this afternoon. the material is really good. thanks."
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"Hi, I got the formal tulip & the casual tube dress, the dress is lil bit small for me, but they are very nice!"
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"received the stockings. They're gorgeous! love it *thumbs up*
Thanks againd hun
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"Hi, I got the top this morning, love the satin material, and it fit me well =)"
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They are just what I'm looking for =D"
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"Btw, lovely online shop you have. I'll definitely return for the pretty tops and dresses ;)
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-Cryst, purchased Checkered Legging email on May 22, 2008 3:52:32 PM

"Thank you. Gotten the stuff on Saturday."

-Pam,email on May 19, 2008 5:49:58 PM